Detailed Product Information

What are Clearly Canadian Original’s made of:

4 simple all natural ingredients:

  • Canadian Spring Water
  • Vegan Flavouring
  • Pure Cane Sugar
  • Citric Acid

Which Clearly Canadian Original flavours are available?

  • Wild Cherry
  • Orchard Peach
  • Mountain Blackberry
  • Country Raspberry
  • Sparkling Water (non-flavoured)

Are Clearly Canadian Originals non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, all natural & the original Clearly Canadian formulas?

Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes & Yes

Do the ingredients in Clearly Canadian Originals ever separate?

Indeed they do! Clearly Canadian Originals are 100% all natural and will sometimes separate under cold temperatures when sitting for long periods of time. Simply give the bottles a good twist-shake and any minerals from our spring water and cane sugar will dissolve right back in – don’t open immediately after shaking!

How much cane sugar is in a single bottle of Clearly Canadian Originals?

25 grams.

Where do you source your spring water from?

From natural springs all over Canada.

Pallet Ordering Information

Do you believe in customer service?

Not particularly. We do not see anyone as our customer – but our friends or family – end of story. Everyone is going to make mistakes from time-to-time – you, us and the politicians – when you enjoy a Clearly Canadian we hope you are in a forgiving mood and understand maybe there are things more important than getting something ontime, making another buck, or even getting exactly what you ordered.

When was the last time you guys & gals had a vacation?

Neither Carlos, Rob, Jennifer, Tom, Bernard (well maybe not Bernard) or Gerry have had a vacation in 5 years. If anyone is offering their Caribbean get away home for a week or two for free – we will travel!

How many cases come on a single pallet and what are its specifications?

  • 108 cases to the pallet. That is 18 cases a layer and 6 layers high.
  • 1 pallet weighs: 1,876 lbs
  • 1 pallet dimensions: 40” x 48” x 52”
  • 1 case = 12 bottles of a single flavour = weighing 17 lbs.
  • All pallets are single flavours.

Can I order a single pallet with multiple flavors on it?


How many pallets do I need to order to receive a discount off your listed online pricing?

If you're ordering 4 or more pallets – email us and let’s see what we can do.

Is there special pricing for non-profit organizations & events, religious and/or spiritual organizations?

Email us and let’s see what we can do.

Is your online pallet pricing delivered?

Yes, all our online pricing is delivered within Canada and the United States.

How many pallets make up a full truck load?

22 pallets which is 2,376 cases (28,512 bottles). We can sometimes do 23 pallets in Canada if you really need the extra one.

Do I need a warehouse with a truck loading bay to receive a pallet?

It definitely helps and saves us a bit of money, however, we can deliver to you with what is called a liftgate too. See a liftgate here.

How quickly do you ship pallets?

Much faster than we did our pre-sale campaign – and not for lack of trying! We ship pallet orders within 5 to 7 business days of ordering.

Do you have a customer service number or email?

Please email us at support@clearlycanadian.com. Upon ordering a wholesale pallet order you will been contacted by our commercial back-office to confirm logistics.

Misc Information

Where can I find Clearly Canadian clothing?

There will be premium Clearly Canadian SWAG someday.

Will you bring back Orbitz?

Orbitz! Orbitz! Orbitz! We know there is a serious following seeking Clearly Canadian original Orbitz. We are researching whether Orbitz can in fact be re-produced – it was and remains an incredibly technologically advanced drink. Have you seen a bottle from 1997? The balls are still floating! NO JOKE. Last we checked an unscrupulous corporate trademark troll (they are always picking on the Clearly community) was trying to take the name from the community too! Feel like egging someone?